City Council Goals

The City Council annually sets goals and priorities. The goals, for FY 2017-18 are as follows. 

Strategic Initiative
City / Community Services Assess City services to ensure the needs of all Healdsburg residents are being met and pursue partnerships with other organizations to fill identified gaps. Encourage participation of all Healdsburg residents in City services and programs, especially the underrepresented.

Continue to provide high quality Public Safety Programs and Services that meet our community’s needs.
Quality of Life, Effective & Efficient Government, Fiscal Responsibility
Communication / 

Cultivate broader community engagement opportunities with Healdsburg residents and engage underrepresented populations to give residents a stronger voice on issues affecting their daily lives.

Keep residents informed of City policies, actions and programs by expanding access to information through additional public outreach opportunities and improvements to the City’s technology.

Expand public safety outreach opportunities to improve transparency and maintain a high level of public trust.
Quality of Life, Effective & Efficient Government, Fiscal Responsibility, Infrastructure & Facilities

Adopt planning and land use policies that enhance opportunities to diversify the City’s economic base and encourage investment and new development in underdeveloped and under-utilized properties.

As part of the project review and approval process, ensure all new development offers community benefit.
Quality of Life, 
Economic Diversity & Innovation, Infrastructure & Facilities
Community Housing Address the housing needs of Healdsburg workers and residents by updating and implementing City housing policies to increase the inventory of workforce and affordable housing in our community.

Support the Community Housing Committee’s efforts by providing the Committee clear direction, ensuring the Committee has Staff support to accomplish work assignments and incorporating the Committee’s recommendations into the Council’s decision making process.
Quality of Life, Effective & Efficient Government
Community Parking
Implement a comprehensive parking strategy that balances the needs of our community and our visitors and ensures our residents’ needs are met.
Quality of Life, Effective and Efficient Government

Seek to balance commercial tourism growth with quality of life and more closely align with our community values.

Formulate an economic development strategy that seeks to further diversify the City’s economic base, attracts different types of businesses to Healdsburg, expands opportunities for new and expanding businesses and provides enhanced business support services.
Quality of Life, Economic Diversity & Innovation, Effective and Efficient Government 
Fiscal Responsibility
Adopt a sound financial strategy that evaluates the City’s short and long term funding sources and addresses viability, including the sunset of Measure V and unfunded pension costs.

Create opportunities to further educate the public on the City’s finances.
Effective & Efficient Government
Fiscal Responsibility
Infrastructure & Facilities
To see the FY 2017-18 Goal Poster click here.