Construction Activity


This map is meant to provide information about projects that may impact pedestrian and/or vehicle access.  Individual construction projects such as tenant improvements or single home construction will not be shown.

You can typically expect construction activities to occur between 7:30 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Web Map (Beta Test)
Map Key Project Name Location Approximate Schedule Type
1 Foss Creek Pathway Phase 3/ Depot Railroad Depot Under Construction
2 Healdsburg Meat Company 404 Center Street Under Construction
3 Big John's 1345 Healdsburg Avenue Under Construction
4 Healdsburg Ave Bridge Healdsburg Ave
5 Roundabout Healdsburg-Mill-Vine In Design Public
6 Midtowne Subdivision/ Sorrento Square
1136 Healdsburg Ave Midtowne Website
7 2015 Resurfacing River's Bend Subdivision Completed Summer 2015 Public
8 Chiquita Grove 100 Chiquita Road

9 Saggio Entry/Pump Station Healdsburg Ave
10 Overlay Tucker/Second Streets Summer 2015 Public
11 N. Fitch Mt. Rd. Slide N Fitch Mountain Rd Summer 2015 Public
12 Old Hospital 639 Johnson St
13 Grove Street Sewer Grove North of Dry Creek Under Construction
14 Community Development Center 401 Grove Street In Design Public
15 Cerri Property 3 North Street In Design Public
16 West Plaza Parking Expansion West Plaza In Design Public
17 Healdsburg/Mill Utility & Street Work Healdsburg/Mill In Design Public
18 H3 Hotel 227 Healdsburg Ave
19 2015 Pavement Overlay Various Summer 2015 Public
20 2015 Pavement Chipseal Vintage Hills Summer 2015 Public
21 2015 Pavement Chipseal Various - North of March Completed Summer 2015

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Construction Activity Map