Crime Mapping

City of Healdsburg Police Department Joins
October 17, 2011
Healdsburg Police Department is pleased to announce that citizens can now gain access to neighborhood level crime incident data in near real time.

"Providing reliable, timely information to our citizens is one of our top priorities, because an informed public is a safer public," says Chief Burke. "Partnering with CrimeReports gives us the ability to keep the public informed on a regular basis as to what is going on in the community."

The public can access the free crime through the website or through the CrimeReports iPhone app, available for free download in the Apple iTunes store. The new service even lets local citizens sign up for free customizable email alerts, so they can monitor crime in their neighborhood. "Information is power," Chief Burke added. "And we hope that giving the community this information will help them understand crime trends and lower crime in their neighborhoods."

"The Healdsburg Police Department is demonstrating its leadership in law enforcement by finding new ways to connect with the public at a personal level," said Greg Whisenant, founder and CEO of CrimeReports. "By partnering with us, they are recognizing the value of the public’s involvement and being proactive in both policing and investing in programs that make a difference."

More than a 1,000 other law enforcement agencies of all sizes across North America are sharing their crime information with the public through the national crime map, including Baltimore, Boston, San Jose, San Francisco, Portland, Washington D.C., Los Angeles County, and more. The map currently covers nearly 30% of the US population.

You can access your local crime map and sign up for daily, weekly, or monthly email crime updates at CrimeReports